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The TAU GAMMA PHI Alumni Association of the Midwest (TGPAAM™) is an exclusive alumni organization created to provide expatriate members of the TAU GAMMA PHI fraternity who are residing within the Midwest states with numerous opportunities to network, get referrals, socialize and renew fraternal ties. It was established in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois by 5 alumni of the fraternity who originated from different campus-based chapters in the Philippines.

TGPAAM™ aims for personal and career growth, and encourage its members to actively participate in the community through service and social activities. This organization is also committed to extending professional assistance to any members of the fraternity.

This group strongly advocates for strengthening the fundamental principles and traditional values of the TAU GAMMA PHI as well as encouraging their senior populations to reach out their chapter and guide its residents to choose a better career-options before graduating from college.

TGPAAM™ is a well diverse group of professionals whose members are involved in the fields of medicine, engineering, information technology, accounting, business and service.

The TAU GAMMA PHI Alumni Association of the Midwest is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Illinois and is dedicated to help impoverished families in the Philippines through its medical, dental, health and learning programs.

For further information about TGPAAM™ programs, you can reach the organization through its Toll-Free Number, +1-866-458-8213, or e-mail, admin@tgpaam.org.

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