A Brief History of the Fraterniy


The TAU GAMMA PHI was the adopted Greek letter initials of Triskelions' Grand Fraternity derived from the original name Fraternal Order of the Triskelions. The fraternity was organized by six* students of the University of the Philippines at Diliman campus on October 4, 1968. Few years later, chapters from other college and university campuses in the Philippines were established.

The TAU GAMMA PHI aims for promoting to achieve the ideals of fraternal brotherhood. The fraternity believes that it must forge its members to embody qualities of leadership, commitment, persistence, trust, integrity, respect, and vision. This fraternity aims for academic success, personal, career and spiritual growth, active participation in the community through service and social activities. The TAU GAMMA PHI is connected to developing a best-in-class brotherhood organization; a student organization that embodies its own ideals and mission in accordance to fraternity's Tenets and Codes of Conduct.

A member of TAU GAMMA PHI is called Triskelion. Triskelion is a figure that showed three running legs radiating and connected from a common center, which is according to one of the fraternity's founders, is symbolic of all the dynamic forces in physics and from an Asian standpoint, a symbol that represents the three aspects of dependent relationships which give existence to all functioning things.

A Triskelion has always lived up to the motto, "it will stand no matter where you throw it", which accompanies its seal and emblem -- Strength, Free Will and Brotherhood.

To date, the fraternity has over thousands of school based members and alumni in the Philippines. The TAU GAMMA PHI is a well diverse fraternity where members excel in the field of medicine, engineering, architecture, law, business, arts as well as political arena in the Philippines.

* Two Founders were removed during the organization's formatived period.

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