Subject: 30th Anniversary at Los Angeles

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 21:24:35 EDT


To All Brods and Sis;

We invite everyone to preview "Shilo Hotel" at Pomona, California at our WEB PAGE. Our Grand Dance night will take place at this hotel on October 3, 1998 (Saturday from 6:00PM till 1:00AM).

Then, on the succeeding web pages, you will have a chance to see Dana "exclusive resort" where we will have a Grand Gathering Anniversary celebration on October 4, 1998 (Sunday). POTLUCK...Southern California resident's treat (all Southern california brods are required to bring food and beverages). We have reservation at the RIVIERA HOTEL from 10:00AM till 10:00PM (all reservations at the Rivierra had been paid for by our generous brother, Hercules Lorbes).

See our web page at....

Brod. Ferdie Aclan
UP Diliman ( Los Angeles )